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About Me

Hello my name is Alena Jones!
My passion for dogs started ever since I was adopted into a family with 4 dogs. I grew up dog sitting and dog walking around my neighborhood which quickly transitioned to working at my first pet care facility. I worked at 4 dog kennels before I really pursed my passion with dog training. Over the 7 years, I have gained lots of knowledge from handling difficult dogs to understanding dog behavior/body language. Lastly, I have taken countless online and written courses going over dog behavior. I attended a In-depth training solution course by Jason Davis before becoming the head trainer at Reynolds Dog Resort and Training center. I also worked with Smart Dog Pet Training LLC to gain more knowledge with Fear free Training.
With 4 years of hands-on experience from basics to behavioral issues, I am confident in helping you set your dog up for success. Overall my goal is to build a better relationship with you and your dog!


Customized training for each and every dog!

Basic Obedience

Basic obedience is targeted for puppies/adult dogs who need a solid foundation.

Advanced Obedience

Advanced obedience is targeted to dogs with a solid foundation but want more off leash freedom.

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification is targeted to those who may be struggling with behavioral issues such as reactivity, resource guarding, confidence issues, fearful/timidness etc.

Public Training

Public training is offered as a one on one training for your dog in a public setting.

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Training dogs

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Basic Obedience
$105 (per 60 minute session)

$945 (10-60 minute session| Follow up| Phone support) 

$1,785 (20-60 minute session| follow up | phone support)
  • Private lessons| Socialization| Home manners| Potty Training| Public training | Basic commands
  • Customized training plans 
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Advanced Obedience 
$115 (per 60 minute session)

$1,035 (10-60 minute session| Follow up| Phone support)

$1,955 (20-60 minute session| follow up | phone support)
  • Private lessons | Off leash obedience | E-collar training (upon request) | Advanced obedience |Public training
  • Customized training plans

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Behavior Modification
Contact for pricing
  • Customized to specific needs
  • Contact for pricing
  • Customized training plans
  • phone support + follow ups
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Public Training
$105 (per 90 minute session)
$525 (5 session package)

$997.50 (10 session package)

  • One on one training | Public training| socialization | confidence building 
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What the Packages include...

What is phone support?
Phone Support

Phone support is a service provided to help you whenever you have questions or need advice during a training or after.

Phone support entails advice with a trainer to achieve desired results via text or phone call/ video demonstrations if helpful for you!

What do follow ups look like? Why are they helpful?
Follow ups

Follow ups entail advice and one on one support with a trainer after a training to achieve the desired results at home as well as to help always progress training.

Are packages worth it?

Packages are worth the hype!

The packages include private sessions, in home training, public training, a follow up and phone support!

Discount: 10% off any 10 session package,15% off any 20 session package!

5% off 10 public training package! 

Meet the helper dogs!

What does Transportation look like for my dog?

The Impact Crate

Why we use the impact crate:

  • Ventilation for optimal airflow

  • Durable light weight aluminum

  • Ensures security

  • Escape proof

  • Long lasting construction

To learn more about impact crates click below

Training Style

What is My training style? 
My training program focuses on 3 major factors:
Engagement, Proper Socialization and Impulse control
Often times we can move too quickly for our puppies where they might not fully understand what we may be asking. Or maybe we overflood them with commands when they are not ready. Dogs learn best through muscle memory and repetitions. I teach movement first and then pair a command/ increase duration until the dog understands. Another aspect I heavily focus on is positive associations, dogs rely heavily on association and it can affect how they see the world. Lastly, I allow your dog to make decisions for themselves and help them through when needed. This teaches them how to problem solve on their own and not to rely on a command given every time. Gradually I change environments, introduce more distractions, and work on solidifying commands. Every dog learns differently so my training is catered that way!

Client Testimonials

Fred and Tamra Allen

Alena was absolutely outstanding, She has a way with animals and loves what she does and it shows. She came to help us with our Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd puppy. Truly did wonders for us and the pup. Would highly recommend Alena for any of your k9 training needs, Stellar!!!